Recognising Historic Age of NSW Rallying



This exciting period of rallying or trials as they were called up to the mid 60s would not have happened without the drive and passion of the people involved and the car clubs that ran events and excited that passion.

For ease of grouping of participants we have broken the period into Early Historic (up to 1950), Mid Historic (1950 to 1966) and Late Historic (1967 to 1980).

 The Australian Sporting Car Club was the backbone of Trials and later Rallying in New South Wales for the whole of this period. They were founded out of the Light Car Club of NSW which in itself started life as the sporting group within the Royal Automobile Club of Australia.

The ASCC was responsible for the Redex Trials, the Ampol Trials and the Southern Cross Rallies. They spawned a large number of smaller clubs who fed the passion for Trials.

North Shore Sporting Car Club

The North Shore Sporting Car Club was formed in 1952 and was at the forefront of Trials and Rallies throughout the historic era. They ran a round of the NSW Rally Championship annually since the inception of the series. Their contribution to the sport has been immense.

Thornleigh Car Club

Thornleigh Car Club, formed in 1954, has been a strong supporter of Trials and Rallies over the historic years. Maintaining a strong grass roots program for club motor sport, their support of NSW rallying has been an enviable example to other clubs. They are still extremely active in the 2010s.

The club to belong to in the Hunter Valley and a massive contributor to rallying in NSW over the years.

The Goulburn Automobile Club produced some magnificent Trials and Rallies over the years hosting early rounds of the NSW Rally Championship.

Barry Ferguson, winner of the Drivers Award in the NSW Rally Championship a record 8 times, competed with the GAC for many years.

The Hills District Sporting Car Club was founded in 1954 and was one of the prime clubs organising trials and rallies during the whole of the historic era.

The club continues today to contribute fully to the NSW rally fraternity.


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