Aims & Objectives


We are here to promote Historic rallying in NSW and the ACT and to remembering and recognising the Trials and Rallies up to the end of the 70’s and encouraging the camaraderie of rallying in the state.


The formal statement of the Clubs Aims and Objectives are:

The objects of the HRC shall be:

  1. To promote, represent, encourage and support historic rallying within New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, such events shall not be restricted to sealed roads.
  2. To promote the celebration of the heritage of and all issues relating to historic trials and rallies of NSW and the ACT
  3. To collect, preserve, publish and distribute data relative to historic rallying, rallies and trials and the activities of the association.
  4. To arrange social gatherings for members.
  5. To raise money for the advancement of the association.
  6. To affiliate with any other car clubs deemed appropriate for the best advancement of the objects of the association.
  7. To do such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.