Sporting Plans


Our plans are to run events that replicate as far as possible the event styles of the 60’s and encourage the participation of vehicles from the historic era.

In this regard we will be trying to emulate the appropriate events run by the Historic Rally Association.

We do not plan to run events that are currently being run by other clubs unless it is to enhance a current programme or series.


Our first sporting event was the Southern Mountains Trial (1960) Revisited. This event is reported below and gave our team the challenge of gaining approvals from Forestry and Police for this ‘drivers’ Touring Road Event along the course of the historic first Southern Mountains Trial.

It ran without a problem and became the stepping stone for future events.

We then chose to run another TRE, the Black Stump, not an old event but a good Aussie name for a new double headed event. This time we had an expanded ‘drivers’ event (Road Runner) and a ‘navigators’ (Barry Ferguson Classic that continued the tradition of the last 8 years). Competitors could participate in either or both of these under the Black Stump banner.

The principle was warmly embraced and ensured that we were continuing the navigational styles of the 60s without in any way pulling back from our challenge to provide the drivers events.

From a cost effective aspect it gave us two 3 day events for a little over the price of one.


The Committee have decided that we will run the Black Stump concept event into the future as it met all our objectives and could be done very effectively. The name is not specific to one location and can be moved around the state.

We have expanded our knowledge of the approval process by extending it to two Councils and the National Parks and Wildlife Service during the Black Stump.

We have a new set of rules to run with for TREs with the introduction of the 2018 national Rally Code (NRC). On the plus side we can run more and longer closed road section than previously however the average speed on these sections has been reduced if we have vehicles without roll over protection. We will consider what approach we can take to have these vehicles still participating in some sections of an event.

The HRC will be running a navigation only event to supplement the Classic Rally Clubs 2018 series. Details are included in the Calendar.


We have established a Sporting Committee to initially look at the time of the year that we should be running our major event.

The basis of the committee are Arthur Evans (Chair), Winton Brocklebank and Mal Sinfield (General Committee liaison).

They will co-opt anyone interested in helping with sorting out the competition dates while doing their initial research.


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