March 2018

January 2018
February 22, 2018
Committee Meeting Minutes and AGM
August 8, 2018

March 2018

We have had quite a busy time since the last newsletter.

The Committee elected Gerry Crown, club member and winner of 2 of the long distance Peking to Paris Trials into the Council of Senior Statesmen. The opportunity was provided at the presentation of the 2017 NSW Rally Awards in January to do the actual induction in front of a large crowd of NSW rally devotees.

We have quite a few club members who are worthy of induction into the CoSS and these will all be addressed in the fullness of time.

We are awaiting our Sporting Committee’s recommendation on the time of year for our major annual Black Stump event, so until then we are filling in with a one day navigation event as part of the Classic Rally Club Series.

The Dave Johnson Autumn Classic (I am honoured by the naming and happy that the Committee and Director Mal Sinfield avoided the word “Memorial”) will be run on Sunday May 27 in the Southern Highlands and Goulburn area.

The event will be along the lines of the Barry Ferguson Classic, which as you will remember has now been incorporated into the Black Stump. Old style maps and historic NSW style navigation will be used.

All categories of navigation will be catered for from Masters, Apprentices  and Tour and a Social category for those just along for the ride.

We need every entry we can get to support the CRC series !

Anyone not wishing to compete but wishing to be involved can assist in the event by contacting Mal on 0405 803 222.

“I am very happy to announce that after several months of diligent work by Mike Mitchell and a group of assistants we have a website up and running.

You can access the website by Congratulations Mike M.

Mike Batten has put his hand up to learn the “webmaster” trade and Mike Ward is directing him to the various training modules that are available to learn about ‘Wordpress’.

Please send comments and suggestions to Mike Batten after you have had a look at the website, he can be contacted on

So that there is consistency in the content of the website there is a Website sub-committee of Vice President Barry Ferguson and Mike Mitchell who will keep Mike B on track with our current philosophies. They will ensure that the website stays in the format and general direction considered appropriate for the Club.”

There has been suggestions that we should have a Social Membership as distinct from the Competitive Membership within the HRC as a lot of people came together for the Southern Cross Reunion , enjoyed the camaraderie and joined the Club for that purpose. Others were enjoying the Historic elements of competition that came to us from Victoria and are pursuing that line of sport.

Do you have any thoughts on that matter. Drop me a line and the Committee will look at it closer.


Dave Johnson, President Historic Rally Club NSW/ACT        0428 299 443